We are a SaaS provider of a patented Product Evaluation Platform that delivers High Values to
Consumers & Businesses through the unique sharing of Architectural Conditions of Buildings or Projects.
DIY CAD Software Looks Appealing
But: Too long to learn/use & not a Consumer-Business connection tool
Augmented Reality is Cool Technology
But: Must be home, won't estimate for you, costly production, can't multi-task.
We asked why aren't Home Builders and Property Managers providing us with Ready-Made CAD Solutions of our Homes & Offices?
Yes! People need a Cloud Copy of their Places for immediate . . .
Evaluations of Products we're investigating as we are in a Store
Evaluations of Products in Project Pictures, Magazines, or Websites
Evaluations of Products presented thru Social Media or TV
Real Products
Real Places
Reliable Results
Right Times
Consumers reward those who improve their Confidence in the Buying Experience.
Businesses desire Market Intelligence and Better Consumer Engagement.
Consumers get answers to
Will this Fit like I want it to?
How's this going to look here?
How much of this should I get?
What would it cost to hire a Pro?
What are the costs of going DIY?
Results in 30 seconds or less?
Manufacturers & Retailers get
Consumers to better “Experience” their products online
To know how much the Consumer is considering to buy
Actionable Predictive Intelligence across broad markets
Sustainable 1-to-1 connections with Consumers
Engagement at instant of Inspiration thru Product Use
Privacy levels welcoming frequent Consumer interaction
The strategic values of Remodeling Pros to Manufactures & Retailers
WorxRite provides them Productivity benefits. You provide them Revenues for Actionable Events.
They're Making House Calls
They out number your Sales Force
You remain accessible to the Consumer
You're not dependent on a project start
They're Making Office Calls
Incentives for you to be an early influencer
Incentives for Store/Showroom visits
Insights on business you're not getting
Opportunity to see Profiles of Pros whom you should be networking with.
Use Real Time Market Intelligence to Attract the attention of Pros & Consumers.
The Value of WorxRite Models extends as far as the Life of the Buildings, and so do our Value Propositions.
“Evaluate Us” brings Manufacturers & Retailers a far better ROI then “Like Us”
Property Management and Real Estate Industry
Office Space
Confident Prospects are quicker to convert to Contracts
Provide Online Re-Decorating & Space Planning in your Marketing Efforts
Add Revenues     Helps Speed Negotiations with Buyer & Seller     Gain Productivity in Repair / Improvement Your Maintenance Staff can be trained to use our Software   or  Ask the Contractor(s) you know about us.
WorxRite.com has been established by a Team of people with extensive experience in Construction Management, Sales & Marketing, Database Design/Development, and the Design of multiple CAD Software Applications.
With a Patent and 3 years of code development behind our powerful Platform, we can serve you well.