Contractors1) They’ll already know their budget before contacting you. 2) They’ll provide drawings and specs at the start.
Make sure it WorxRite before you buy it.
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Convenience, Utility, and Speed. These are the conditions that consumers require of a service in order to stay engaged. We’ve kept focus on this while bringing Construction Industry Standards of Practice to the hands of the consumer. When it’s easy for consumers to plan and communicate at this level, its also a big gain for businesses. It is very Convenient to find a CAD-Like Model of your place ready for use. The Utility we offer is in the end-to-end performance. Getting products “In-Your-Home” for evaluation is not limited by where and when, and communicating project intentions like a Pro to retailers or contractors gets everyone off to a better start towards a satisfying outcome. The Speed that matters is “How fast can I resolve my problem?” not how fast can I try a product. We speed the consumer through single product evaluations and comprehensive project planning of multiple products/materials in multiple rooms/areas. Rapid arrivals of approved and comprehensive budgets is good for everyone. WorxRite Models primarily represent rooms/areas in production builder and multi-family residences (floors and elevations). Respectfully, consumers are not given a means to produce Models. Only persons proven to be skilled in drafting architectural conditions are producing the Models for sustained reliability. Field measurement and construction documents are the sources used. We catalog Models by community location criteria for consumers to select and use. If we don’t have their place represented yet, it’s good that they can experiment with a Model, which leads to requests for one of our business partners to get their place WorxRite ready. Businesses should compare us to Google’s Tango, Houzz, and Zillow Digs. Product registration employs easily produced high resolution JPEG and PNG files, for a low cost solution to manufacturers and retailers of large and frequently changing product inventories. Product promotion thru beautiful images of projects is obviously a hit with consumers, but they haven’t yet “tried the product(s) in their place”, don’t automatically have the volume and budget of materials calculated, and can’t produce a rendering of their desires all within seconds of first seeing the beautiful image. We do make all this possible the moment the consumer sees an inspirational image, significantly improving the marketers probabilities of sales.
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Reduce your risks of returns and extra trips.
We make existing homes interactive with the products and materials of the world. Yours could be ready now.
Its like your home’s Blue Prints are able to automatically interact with products to quickly help you answer . . .
Make sure it WorxRite before you buy it.
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Agents and Brokers1) Get listings Show-Ready Sooner. 2) Speed negotiations over improvements.
Make sure it WorxRite before you buy it.